If you don't want to see ponies engaging in explicit sex acts, please do not proceed!


  1. I finally made proper comic pages for A Fun Trick and The Beat Goes On.
    I think this is much better than the "one image" way.
    (I'm currently undecided on what to do with the old one-image versions.)

    Now, only Confession (which is only 4 small panels) and Making it rain (which has fairly small panels) comics have not been converted from one image to a comic page, and I think it's probably better to leave those as one image anyway.

  2. Some fun stats:

    Thanks for your interest and stuff! And sorry for the lack of updates on the site, I just now went back to doing "real" programming again, after a 5 years hiatus. This will eventually enable me to make absolutely massive upgrades to my infrastructure. That means I'll be able to produce much better content much faster with much less effort and overhead.

  3. Pokéhidden fans rejoice! I made a high-quality archive of his former site from 2015. I have personally ensured that every single image, animation and game loads properly, and I've added hints about broken external links, etc. Fast, reliable, permanent. Enjoy!

    (Contains lots of pony stuff but also lots of non-pony (furry) stuff, which is why it's under hexstream.net but not under ponies.hexstream.net.)