If you don't want to see ponies engaging in explicit sex acts, please do not proceed!


  1. I'm very sorry, I just noticed that I had broken the Banned From Equestria page when I updated the site for mobile. I had simply overlooked to update the code for that particular page. This is now fixed. (You may need to refresh that page.) Sorry for any inconveniences caused!

  2. Now all my sites are mobile-friendly! (3 months well spent!)

    (On desktop, you can just resize the window narrow to test.
     Or better yet, use Chrome or Firefox and press F12, then go into "device mode".)

  3. Finally fixed the damn main page alignment, lol. (The centering was inconsistent.)
    (I couldn't find a convenient way to fix this, so I went with an inconvenient way...)

  4. I'm not sure to what extent this is novel or not, but now you can easily play Banned From Equestria in FULLSCREEN mode! This should work in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and some other browsers.

    There's a new option to hide the "Go fullscreen" button in the preferences.

    (Note that you may have to refresh the aforementioned pages to see the new options.)

    (I have NO IDEA why the flash plugin doesn't just provide an easy fullscreen option in its right-click menu... I know there are browser extensions that help with this, but that's besides the point. ;P)